I’m going to ask you a really hard question…You ready?

Question: In what way do you exist?

Answer: You have to figure it out yourself.

We have the power to define our existence. We define ourselves and our meaning through choice and freedom. So why not write about it?

If you’ve ever read a philosophy book it was probably confusing. Many people read poetry and think the same thing. But I think Sylvia Plath, Virginia Woolf, and so many others were onto something. They wrote poetry that defined their existence in the most honest way they knew how. Through all their work and many other writer’s work they were able to connect with people, and people were able to connect with them. Even to this day! It was all because their existence was written.

The Existential Freedom Blog seeks to do just that very thing. Define my existence and make connections with the people of my own time (hopefully).

I’m a fourth year student at Rowan University studying psychology, sociology and creative writing. I’m also a Resident Assistant and mentor! In my free time I write confessional poetry. I’m currently building my skill as a poet by studying other confessional poets. Sometime in the future I plan on getting my MFA in creative writing and a MA in Clinical Psychology.

Hi, I’m Jasmine and I’m a poet. I know, I know! Hold your applesauce for after you’ve read some of my work, and eat it chilled.

Defining existence one word at a time.