Warm Welcome

You touched me and I let go
I melted in your arms
Your body said I need you
And mine screamed yes
So I let go.

I wasn’t sure how tight to hold on
I just knew
That your heat felt good against my skin
And your arms were always
Meant to be around my waist

It felt like 3 seconds
But I knew it was longer
No matter how long you hold me
It will never be enough
To please this body



Your grasp on control
through your fingers, and
nestled into the palm of my hand,
where it would not be
taken advantage of.
Each time I see you,
I knock a few more links
out of the chain wrapped so
tightly around my neck.
There remains
the marks of love
forever stained
in my skin.
No longer am I a
peeping Tom
staring in your windows
to find
hidden treasures.
Instead I exchange glances
only to expand
the distance between.
There was never any proof you were present.