Warm Welcome

You touched me and I let go
I melted in your arms
Your body said I need you
And mine screamed yes
So I let go.

I wasn’t sure how tight to hold on
I just knew
That your heat felt good against my skin
And your arms were always
Meant to be around my waist

It felt like 3 seconds
But I knew it was longer
No matter how long you hold me
It will never be enough
To please this body



What is this feeling?
My heart is on empty.
Something is missing.
Is it something I can see?
What do I do?
To find a replacement.
Where is it located?
My mind is steady racing.
To find this one thing
That sets my soul on fire
Or more appropriate,
That my heart desires.


For a moment I missed you.
Then I remembered what your acid felt like pumping through my veins.


Sky Falling

You left me free falling
Without a parachute
Spiralling toward the concrete
I grabbed for your hand
But you grabbed for your drawstring instead
My effort was shattered without any warning
I was hoping for your hand
I don’t understand
How only I
Ended up broken
When we were falling together.



Your grasp on control
through your fingers, and
nestled into the palm of my hand,
where it would not be
taken advantage of.
Each time I see you,
I knock a few more links
out of the chain wrapped so
tightly around my neck.
There remains
the marks of love
forever stained
in my skin.
No longer am I a
peeping Tom
staring in your windows
to find
hidden treasures.
Instead I exchange glances
only to expand
the distance between.
There was never any proof you were present.


Silence Escapes 

My ears are bleeding from all the words you have spoken.
The focus unfocused and it became an ocean.
Full of pollution, clots need to be removed.
Back to rapid waters to wash the blood away.


Spring Fever

My garden of exotic flowers
Killing my sinuses with allergies.
Sneezing heavily with each soft inhalation
Who knew I could be allergic to myself.



Vice pulses through my veins
Made my head spin
Concocted something like freedom
A truth that set me free

My hands only wanted to hold
Something warm
My mouth, something gentle
Success was inevitable

Vice pulsed through my veins
My speech sultry
Ignited a fire inside
That will not be doused easily

My heart thought
My brain felt
A mix between excitement
And disappointment

Vice pulsed through my veins
Opening ventricles and
Breaking down walls
Slowly making love into a virtue


Swim Good

Suppressed memories and feelings were found
In the wake of the morning.
Depression leaks through the roof
And with each patch
More holes appear.
Memories spilling inside
Begging to be remembered.
But all you remember
Is how painful it was;
How many nights did you
Want to cry, but were
Afraid someone would hear you?
“You look sad today,” No I’m just…
How many times have you told that lie?
Except the part where it was true.
It was a tiredness that sat in your bones.
Only healed through eternal sleep
Remember when you woke up
Full of joy and happiness?
Yeah neither do I.
Of the patches in the ceiling
Will hold.
So you better learn to swim.


Angels and Demons

He bit into my skull like a piece of taffy
Savoring the flavor of darkness
I wept tears of failure
For falling from grace
Slowly seeping into quicksand
Slipping from consciousness
My body will be the devil’s serpent
Dragging me deeper with each breath
Teeth reaching brain
Begging him to end this pain

Remove his teeth, let me speak
I can’t hear my thoughts above my screaming
My eyes go dark
I’m becoming blind
No longer able to see pure light
It’s time for me to face the truth
Forever forsaken from Gods kingdom