It’s night

I see the reflection of the moon on the lake. How do I get around to the other side? I’ll jump And hope I land on something solid. Or grow wings to make it there and back. I’m sure if a cow can do it I can too. Advertisements

I remember a smoke

A fog so think you could swallow it. It was like waking into a cloud. Knees weaken, eyes wide shut. Entangled me in a web like a trance, of which I could rise from but instead allowed myself to be stuck. I’d lay flat, face down and inhale. Pull it over me like a blanket. […]

One toe at a time

The painting The art The creating my heart The passion within Makes the image come out My skin My hair My shedding everywhere Giving pieces of me To the people I’ve met Not a phase Not one phrase Not a ponder all day Just some thoughts I thought to leave on this page Can I […]

A welcome back

I began writing for me again. The words I wanted pressed firmly against the page. I brush my hair in waves Hope to stimulate some thoughts today. My mind is breaking out of the cage. It went round n round in an endless daze. I finally found the day to exist within without delay.

Warm Welcome

You touched me and I let go I melted in your arms Your body said I need you And mine screamed yes So I let go. I wasn’t sure how tight to hold on I just knew That your heat felt good against my skin And your arms were always Meant to be around my […]


What is this feeling? My heart is on empty. Something is missing. Is it something I can see? What do I do? To find a replacement. Where is it located? My mind is steady racing. To find this one thing That sets my soul on fire Or more appropriate, That my heart desires.